Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ideas for Making Your Own 18-inch Doll Clothes

Here are some one-of-a-kind outfits that I made for my granddaughter's 18-inch doll for Christmas.  These outfits are not for sale, but feel free to use these ideas and instructions for unique clothing of your own.  Each of these outfits was made from something I found really cheap at a thrift store. 

This jacket was made from 2 placemats that were priced together at 25c.  I used an AG jacket pattern, placing the front pieces on the corners and the back and sleeves on the edges.  Then I cut a narrow piece from an edge to bind the neckline.  It went together in less than an hour. 

This was a baby dress priced at about 50c.  I cut it down and sewed it back together to fit.  I cut carefully so as to be able to use existing buttons and button holes.  The trickiest part of this one was sewing the seam in that triple ruffle, but it worked.

Boxer shorts for 25c contained just enough fabric for these pj's.  The slippers are made from a scrap of fur that I found in my fabric stash.

This gown is made from a pillow sham.  I cut it out bishop style and sewed a casing for elastic at the neck.

This cute raincoat and hat were made from a $3 boy's jacket (about a size 12) and an actual AG (Molly) pattern that I found as a free download.  I strategically cut the pieces to be able to use existing snaps, hems and trim.